CT فلکسیبل AR6 به همراه کیف مخصوص

CT فلکسیبل AR6 به همراه کیف مخصوص
تولید کننده: circutor
مدل کالا: AM54-FLEX kit
موجودی: 40
قیمت: 11,531,000تومان
قیمت بدون مالیات: 11,531,000تومان

CT فلکسیبل AR6 به همراه کیف مخصوص

  • Portable power analyzer for three-phase and single-phase electrical networks with simultaneous measurement of leakage current, power quality and recording of transients.
  • AR6 is the best tool for visualizing and analyzing the network’s problems regardless of whether it is a single-phase or three-phase network.
  • It allows recordings of the most common electrical parameters and also those specifically related to supply quality such as overvoltages, swell, sags and transients.
  • Thanks to the graphical display of harmonics, phasors and waveforms, the user can detect anomalies in the installation simply by connecting the device.
  • Measurement of the main electrical parameters.
  • True root mean square measure (TRMS).
  • 5.7” colour graphic screen.
  • Includes meter for energy consumed and generated.
  • Has 5 voltage measurement inputs and 5 current channels.
  • Configurable trigger menu via level and time trigger.
  • Multiple languages (Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Russian).
  • Recording of voltage-quality events (class B) via configurable menu.
  • 600 CAT IV, 1000V CAT III (EN 61010).
  • CE marking.
  • Analysis of records via Power Vision plus PC software.
  • Simple and intuitive menu for device configuration.
  • List of detected disturbances in tables.
  • Display of wave shapes of transients recorded.
  • Manual or programmed PHOTO captures (wave shapes of 9 channels along with instantaneous values).
  • Compatible with AR5-L pins.
  • Automatic detection of clamps.
  • Memory download via USB connection.
  • Graphic display of phasors, harmonics and wave shapes.

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